Juan Pablo is not a professional soccer player in real life, he only did that for like a year.

Christina Drill
March 27, 2014

Juan Pablo, Juan Pablo, oh, Juan Pablo.

So y'all know that Juan Pablo hasn't been a professional soccer player since 2008, right? Well, in case you were wondering, the Bachelor alum actually does have a legitimate job. Well, I use "legitimate" loosely...

On his Instagram JP posted a photo of him at the Detroit Tigers stadium with the caption "First day of WORK at one of my Spring Training OFFICE... @tigers / Primer day en una de mis OFICINAS de Spring Training."

Wetpaint reports that right now Juan Pablo is traveling around the US, collecting paraphernalia from Venezuelan players playing in the MLB and bringing them back to Venezuela to exhibit in a baseball museum. Yep, this falls under the umbrella of "sports and entertainment consulting." JP only works during baseball season, but we are sure he is making enough money to support himself (and nurse/girlfriend Nikki, who is making her own money!) year-round.

According to TMZ Juan Pablo made a cool $20,000 from showing up at The Pool After Dark nightclub in Atlantic City, NJ in March. For $20K JuanPa agreed to meet with a handful of fans so long as none of them asked about his time on The Bachelor. He also requested tht "The Bachelor” did not appear on any marketing or fliers for the event. Yeah, I'd say he's doing okay money-wise, but I think he is still a big ol' jerk.

So like I wonder what his "fans" asked him about if they weren't allowed to ask him questions about The Bachelor? A few questions I'd, myself, ask him:

1) What is your greatest fear and how can I force it upon you?

2) Why does your mom not love you?

3) Is your daughter Camila getting paid to pretend that she loves you?

OH, I'M KIDDING, JUAN PABLO. I am sure you are a totally averagely nice guy.

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