Miley Cyrus 101: Skidmore Course Explores Her Role In Shaping Culture

Jason Scott
March 27, 2014

Miley Cyrus is a diabolical genius, and her dry humping and foam finger misbehaving is paying off in a big way. Skidmore College has announced a new course focused on the pop singer's role in culture and how that has redefined the roles of gender, race and sexual identity.

As Buzzfeed originally reported, the course takes a hard took the media, through the lens of Cyrus. The course description reads, stated by instructor Carolyn Chernoff, Assistant Professor of Sociology: "I am interested in cities, arts, and social change, particularly on the level of social interaction and the production of 'community.' I investigate the role of culture in reproducing and transforming social inequality, and research conflict around diversity and difference."

It continues, "As a long-time cultural worker and activist, I have worked with many women’s cultural organizations on issues of violence prevention, self-expression, and arts and culture. I have taught courses in education and in sociology at Penn, Moore College of Art and Design, and Ursinus College. Outside of higher education, I am a longtime community-based educator, having worked with K-12 students and adults in museum settings, nonprofits, and a variety of arts organizations, including The Girls’ DJ Collective, of which I am co-founder."

Tuition for the 2013-2014 calendar year runs $45,724, in case you were interested in breaking out the big bills here. But is Cyrus' gyrating hips worth the pay off? And, more importantly, how does twerking work into all of this?

Other topics of conversation for the course include the Disney Princess, coming of age and bisexuality.

If you recall, Cyrus isn't the only powerhouse to have a class dedicated to them. Beyonce has a course at Rutgers University, titled Politicizing Beyonce. Take your pick, and learn how to be a great diva.

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