Is this a coincidence, or indicative of Taylor's master plan?

Christina Drill
October 23, 2014

Unless you are living a quarantined life, you probably know that Taylor Swift, who is on six different magazine covers this October (fans have renamed the month #Swiftober), drops her fifth studio album soon. On Monday, to be exact. But yesterday morning, Twitter has been aflutter with news that 1989 would leak by nightfall-- something that, come nightfall, never ended up happening.

Aside from Beyonce's genius surprise album drop that resulted in record-breaking chart topping, music sales are at an all-time low. It's because of leaks, and it's because of the spike in streaming. Nobody is buying music anymore, but Swift, who penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the future of the music industry, is an optimist about album sales. Probably because she has an outstanding track of record selling. But Rolling Stone has reported that not a single artist managed to break the 1 Million mark this year, and Swift's 1989, the year's most anticipated release, is only projected to reach 800,000 in sales.

On Twitter, an army of hardcore Swift fans are policing the internet for people who threaten to leak 1989. One fan claims Taylor Swift reached out to a girl herself to ask her to please not leak 1989 before Monday, its proper release date.

So far, not a single hyped-up album release hasn't not been leaked before its due date. There is still time for 1989 to spring up on the internet illegally, but something tells me that the powers that be (Swift herself, her "Secret Sessions" fans who were invited over to hear the album early, Swift's PR group, the Illuminati) have a system in place to fight leakers before they strike.

Reviews of Swift's album are already up at The New York Times and Time Magazine, which usually doesn't happen days before the album is out to the public. Could it be that Taylor's PR is up to something us minions can't quite understand?

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