"Given the success of fantasy anything and the ubiquity of investing, you would assume success, but the Wall Street Magnate team also has purpose... to change the way that people gain financial literacy, making it fun, easy and social."

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"Apple Google, Linkedin. Ever kick yourself for not investing in a Wall Street darling before it took off?"

"Wall Street Magnate se distingue por su sencilla interfaz que permite visualizar rápidamente el rendimiento de las inversiones y ofrecer una amplia gama de datos en tiempo real con noticias financieras de publicaciones como CNN, Wall Street Journal y otras."

"An entire class can be set up as a club in Wall Street Magnate so that members can share information, investment strategies and trading tactics ... Who knows, the next George Soros or Warren Buffett might be in your class."

"This fantasy trading game uses real data from real company stocks... Students can learn exactly how trading works in real time without using their own money and build confidence toward the day they make their own actual investments."