These babies look so peaceful and so uncomfortable at the same time...

Christina Drill
September 05, 2014

I am pleased to introduce you to Float Baby, which is a spa in Houston devoted to making babies feel like they have not yet left the womb of their mothers and that life is one big giant water balloon of fun.

No, really, what is life? Float Baby was founded by a former infant massage therapist by the name of Kristi Ison who claims that massaging babies and allowing them to hang out in water during the first six months of their lives makes them calmer, healthier, little humans.

According to Ison, Float Baby is NOT a spa-- it's a "haven for fostering emotional, physical and mental development" in babies. The sessions are typically an hour long, depending on the baby's "tolerance." For the first twenty minutes of the session, babies float around in purified water, their tiny heads resting on floaties that allow them to use their weak scrawny lil' arms and legs at any given time. After the water therapy, the babies are scooped up in towels and their parents are taught how to massage their baby. Float Baby provides the parents with Oli's oil, a blend of cold-pressed organic oils, to take home and use on their baby at their leisure.

Is it all gimmick? Doesn't seem that way! According from this testimony on Float Baby's website, what they aim to do seems to really work:

"Our son was colicky and did not sleep well. We found our float baby sessions immensely helpful in helping him feel less fussy and sleep better. I also found it nice to be with the other moms during this time. As we learned different massage techniques (that we still use today and our son is one), we could ask each other questions and give/get advice from people going through the same situations."

Float Baby will also open up their doors to older children who would benefit from this therapeutic method, and the company has plans to franchise. $1000 the next one will be in Park Slope? Maybe Williamsburg. TriBeCa?

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