Christina Drill
November 13, 2014

Samsung has revealed its brand new top-of-the-line smartphone, the Galaxy Note Edge. Doesn't necessarily roll off your tongue, but don't worry, Gizmodo reviewed the phone and has decided it is, in fact, a sleek piece of useful enough metal.

So the Note Edge actually has a strange edge on one side of it-- the right side of the phone, unlike the left, has this dropped slope that sort of cascades down. There isn't much difference between the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in terms of aesthetics-- the only difference is, well, that side edge thing, and the fact that the Edge's screen is .1'' smaller than the Note 4's, which is on account of the edge (you guessed it).

So let me try to explain the "edge" part of the phone, but bear with me, as it might be confusing, because it is a confusing feature. So the "edge" feature is supposed to serve as a sort of headline bar, the sort of thing your old flip phones used to have-- you remember that customizable banner you had floating at the top of the screen, don't you? The edge is essentially that banner, except more useful. The edge acts as a scrollbar of notifications you can tap at to alert you of different things-- you can program it to notify you about e-mail, check the weather, open up your iCloud, etcetera, without ever having to veer from your cell phone's main screen.

The edge is also useful for reading excerpts of e-mails and setting reminders or alarms without having to navigate away from the menu. To be honest, it's a pretty neat feature.

One more cool thing about the Note Edge that Gizmodo points out is the night clock feature, which offers a nighttime clock without you having to press a button to turn the phone on. It can just sort of glow there on your nightstand while you sleep, like a good ol' fashioned analog clock.

One downside Gizmodo mentions is the Edge Note's awkwardness. It's awkward to hold. Seems like the Edge Note is a double-edged sword. See what I did there?

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